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E-M:/ Rouge Water Festival...Volunteers Needed


                                  2004 Rouge River Water Festival
                                             Thursday, May 6, 2004
                                  University of Michigan – Dearborn
                                             8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

In its seventh consecutive year, the Rouge River Water Festival has become a renowned
educational event in Southeast Michigan. Last year 2,376 fifth grade students from 47 elementary schools across the Rouge River Watershed in Wayne, Oakland and Washtenaw Counties participated in this event. There is no cost to the students or the schools !

Classes spend the half-day traversing the beautiful University of Michigan – Dearborn Campus and Henry Ford Estate. Students learn the ways in which we use water, our most precious resource, and how our interaction with the environment affects the world around us.

Students will attend a series of 30 minute, “hands-on”, indoor and outdoor presentations designed by over 100 water resource professionals from scientific, academic, governmental, business and industry backgrounds. These presentations are designed to educate the students to the environmental aspects of water, such as; acid rain, wastewater and drinking water treatment, oil spill clean-ups, aquatic life and waterfowl, fish and wildlife habitat, water resource management, the Great Lakes, and much more.

Volunteers are needed to be student guides. Each class will be assigned a guide as they register for the festival. The guide will stay with the class throughout their stay on campus and make sure that they get to their assigned presentations on schedule. The guide will also act as liaison for communication from festival staff and as a resource for the teachers.

To be a Guide, Volunteers MUST:
·       Be over 18 years of age.
·       Be available from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Thursday, May 6, 2004.
·       Be physically able to comfortably walk the U-M Dearborn Campus.
·       Complete and return a Volunteer Registration Form by April 12, 2004
·       Attend the half-hour orientation session on May 6, 2004 (the day of the festival) at 8:00 AM.

 Volunteers will receive a Name Tag, a Free Lunch, and a Water Festival T-Shirt

If  you have any questions about being  a volunteer, or if you need to receive a Volunteer Registration Package, please contact Bob Zabick, Wayne County Department of Environment, Environmental Outreach Division, at (313) 224-8172 or e-mail:

Alex J. Sagady & Associates        http://www.sagady.com

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Evidence Review and Litigation Investigation on Air, Water and
Waste/Community Environmental and Resource Protection
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