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E-M:/ Mulligans and Margueritas.....and national energy/clean air policy

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

From...Sierra Club national office.....more on the national attack
on environmental and natural resource protections.....

From:         W.Watch@sierraclub.org
Subject: Sierra Club RAW:  Mulligans, Margaritas and Moi?


ISSUE #17, JANUARY 7, 2004

Our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail...again.

We're used to rejection when it comes to secretly planning ways to
dismantle environmental protections, but it still hurts.  Apparently
there's a big ol' party going on in Arizona that most of us are missing out
on.  And let us tell you, if you're a fan of golf, cocktails, shmoozing
corporate big-wigs, rubbing elbows with senior Bush administration staff,
and covertly devising America's energy and environmental policies, you're
going to be as bummed as we are to be left out of this shindig.

Several journalists are reporting today that Jim Sims, former
communications director for the Bush Administration's Energy Task Force,
current executive director of the Western Business Roundtable, and also
apparently one of the hottest party promoters in the West, is holding a big
throwdown/fundraiser/planning-session-of-evil this week in Phoenix.

Now first of all, isn't it kind of ironic that an energy task force famous
for not telling the public anything even had a communications director?
Did his answering machine say, "You've reached Jim Sims, I have no

Getting back to the story, Sharon Theimer at the Associated Press reports
that for a minimal cover charge of $3,000 (which will be donated to
Republican campaigns), corporations "can send two people to the 'Mulligans
& Margaritas' fund-raiser Wednesday for the Western GOP Majority Committee,
with $1,000 charged for each additional company representative who
attends."  That's a bargain when you consider the access and influence
you're getting.

Theimer goes on to say that the party is taking place at the same time and
location as a three-day conference where revelers can "strategize in a
casual setting with members of Congress, White House officials, federal
agency leaders, Western governors, CEOs, senior business executives and
policy-makers from across the West...The prospectus for one conference
promised participants could help write a "Top Ten `To Do' List for the
Congress." Along with 20 Western Republican members of Congress, VIPs will
include Undersecretary of the Interior Steven Griles, Environmental
Protection Agency Assistant Administrator Jeffrey Holmstead, White House
Council on Environmental Quality Chairman James Connaughton, and Assistant
Secretary of Energy C. Michael Smith.

Jim Sims, organizer of the conference and the fundraiser, claims that the
two events are not connected. (Of course not, Jim, it's just a coincidence
that you planned both events at the same time on the same golf course--hey,
tee times are tough to get).

When criticized by Clean Air Trust, a respected colleague of ours, in a Cox
News Service article, Sims dismissed the group as "part of an integrated
and very sophisticated network of extremists, led by the Sierra Club and a
couple of others."  We appreciate the shout-out, Jim, but next time maybe
you could put us on the guest list instead.

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