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E-M:/ Teresa Heinz Kerry

Regardless of who your presidential pick is, this woman is one dynamic speaker. Her topic of discussion is relevant to all of us in Michigan. Please contact Pam Pugh (below) for further information.

Michelle Hurd Riddick, Lone Tree Council

Teresa Heinz Kerry, a native of East Africa, the chairman of The Howard Heinz Endowment and the Heinz Family Philanthropies and the wife of Senator John Kerry, candidate for President of the United States, will visit Saginaw, Michigan next Saturday, January 10 at Zion Baptist Church at 11:30 a.m.  Mrs. Kerry will discuss John Kerry’s urban re-development plan as well as her experiences as a long-time educator and advocate of women and environmental health issues and economic security.  Lunch is free.  For more information, please call (989) 992-6353.

Pamela L. Pugh

Saginaw County Department of Public Health

Lead Hazard Remediation Program

(989) 758-3758   

(989) 758-3711 (fax)