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E-M:/ Bush Expects Taxpayers, Not Polluters, To Pay for Superfund

I passed this article on to a Michigan hunt/fish forum that has 6000+ members.  The other forum moderators of the site are very extreme far right wing Republicans that hate enviros and support GW Bush 110%.  They support all pollution and environmental destruction by Bush with no remorse or concern of the connection to their hunting and fishing habitats.  Duh? What I find most disturbing are that there are DNR fishery biologists and even another DNR law supervisor moderator of the site strongly support Bush while they are supposed to be protecting our state resources.  The big majority of outdoor writers are also Bush supporters because the gun issues trump all environmental issues.  Sad.  I'm use to taking the heat though.  This is only one example of dozens of articles over the years.

Bush Expects Taxpayers, Not Polluters, To Pay for Superfund


Here are the first responses to the article.  There will be more flack.
Jimbos, Moderator:

This isn't from a news organization, or from a political group. I bet you slobbered on the keyboard Hamilton from drooling, when you seen this highly unbiased "opinion.  Oh yeah Hamilton, once again your agenda is showing.
enfield, Master Sportsman:

Taxpayers pay for EVERYTHING! Even if the cost is charged to a company, they pass the cost along to their customers, with a markup. US!  The enemy isn't industry - it's the government.
Amos, Super Moderator:  Amen enfield.

How do I respond to these morons that hate the environment so much?