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RE: E-M:/ The Democratic Presidential Primary, February 7



Not that it makes much difference for most of the folks that populate this group ….


For clarification, at least ethically, you MUST be a Democrat.


Go to:



Then scroll down to Item 4 to find in the middle of the paragraph:

"All voters must provide proof of residence and complete a ballot, including a public declaration that they are a Democrat and are or will be a registered voter before the November election."



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If you are a registered voter--though you need not be enrolled as a member of any party--you can vote by mail or the Internet.  To do so, visit the Michigan Democratic Party site, or simply log onto http://applytovote.com, and you will be able to apply for your ballot.  The Michigan Democratic Party will mail a ballot to you. Please note that when filling out your application, you must complete the information exactly as it appears on your voter registration card.


You must also return your application (or fill it out online) so that it is received no later than January 31, 2004.  Your actual ballot must be received--not postmarked, but received--no later than 10:00am, February 7, 2004.


Mike DePolo

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