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Enviro-Mich message from "Mark Dougher" <mdougher@lrboi.com>

> In case you haven't seen this one....
> >>> Robert Redford <biogemsdefenders@savebiogems.org> 01/21/04 07:36PM
> >>>
> Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,
> Over the next few weeks, President Bush and his congressional allies
> will try 
> once again to ram their disastrous energy bill through the U.S.
> They 
> fell only two votes short in November and they've vowed to make
> of the 
> bill their top priority now that Congress has returned from recess.  
> This bill may be the worst piece of legislation you and I will see in
> our 
> lifetimes. It would pick your pocket, despoil your natural heritage,
> endanger 
> your family's health and smother your hope for a more secure energy
> future. We 
> ignore this bill at our own peril. 
> Let me tell you our simple plan for thwarting this shameless attack on
> our 
> environment and pocketbooks. If millions of Americans each took one
> minute to 
> protest this bill, it would cause every senator who is tempted to vote
> for it 
> to think twice about doing so. 
> You can make this happen within the next few hours by doing two
> things:
> First, go to http://www.savebiogems.org/takeaction.asp?src=RR0401 
> and send your two senators an email or fax, telling them to vote
> against this 
> pro-polluter energy bill. Then, forward my email to at least four of
> your 
> friends, family members or colleagues.
> I am emailing this message to 500,000 BioGems Defenders and other NRDC
> activists. If each one forwards this message to just four more people,
> we will 
> generate a national tidal wave of opposition before this day is over.
> And that won't be a moment too soon. This disgraceful bill would pick
> our 
> pockets to hand out billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to the
> oil, coal 
> and nuclear industries. That's their long-awaited reward for making
> big-time 
> contributions to the Bush-Cheney campaign. They profit while the rest
> of us pay 
> the price -- in tax dollars and environmental degradation.
> This bill gives the energy giants a free pass to drill their way
> through our 
> last wild places, burn more dirty coal, build a new generation of
> nuclear 
> power plants and dramatically increase air pollution that would sicken
> the 
> vulnerable -- especially children and seniors -- for decades to come. 
> It would establish oil and gas development as the dominant use of our
> federal 
> public lands, open national parks to the construction of electricity 
> transmission lines, exempt polluters from core provisions of our clean
> air and 
> water laws and waive liability for the producers of the toxic gasoline
> additive 
> MTBE -- even though it has contaminated at least 1,500 public water
> supplies in 
> all 50 American states.
> You'd be hard-pressed to come up with a more backward-looking,
> and 
> self-defeating energy "plan" than this one. At a time when the federal
> deficit 
> is soaring and we're going to war in the Persian Gulf oilfields, the
> White 
> House wants to stick us with the tab for prolonging our destructive
> dependence 
> on fossil fuels, foreign oil and dangerous nuclear technology. 
> This is not a national energy policy. This is corporate welfare, pure
> and 
> simple. Estimates of the bill's corporate tax breaks range from $23
> billion to 
> well over $100 billion with loan guarantees included. No surprise
> there. Big 
> energy companies cooked up this raid on the federal treasury during
> hundreds of 
> secret meetings with Vice President Cheney's energy task force and
> their allies 
> on Capitol Hill. 
> It's one thing to gouge taxpayers. But to claim this rip-off is in the
> national 
> interest, as the White House would have us believe, is a slap in the
> face to 
> every working American.
> Poll after poll shows that the vast majority of voters -- of both
> parties -- 
> understand that we simply must reduce our out-of-control appetite for
> fossil 
> fuels if we ever are to secure energy independence. That means turning
> American 
> rooftops into the Persian Gulf of solar energy. It means producing
> that 
> get 40 miles per gallon. It means constructing efficient buildings
> use 
> half the energy of the average American office without sacrificing
> comfort. 
> Making this transformation to a super-efficient, low-pollution economy
> would 
> save consumers upwards of a trillion dollars, spare our last wild
> places from 
> destruction, improve our health, slow global warming and reduce our
> dependence 
> on undemocratic regimes overseas. It's a no-brainer to anyone living
> outside 
> the White House.
> But unless millions of Americans speak out right now, the enactment of
> the 
> president's energy bill will doom us to an apocalyptic future of
> blighted 
> wilderness, poisonous air pollution, devastating climate change and
> endless 
> wars over fossil fuels. 
> Please make your voice heard. Go to
> http://www.savebiogems.org/takeaction.asp?src=RR0401 
> and tell your senators to obey the will of the American people, *not*
> the 
> dictates of giant energy corporations! Call on Congress to create a
> sustainable 
> and affordable energy path. 
> And please be sure to forward this message to at least four other
> people. 
> Believe me, millions of Americans are just waiting for a simple way to
> stop 
> this madness and lend their support to a sane and hopeful energy
> future. 
> Sincerely yours,
> Robert Redford
> Board of Trustees
> Natural Resources Defense Council
> . . .
> BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places
> A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council
> http://www.savebiogems.org 
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> BioGems Defenders, but if you would prefer not to receive BioGems
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> hear from BioGems activists in the field, you can send an email
> to 
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> subject 
> line.

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