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E-M:/ Re: Weird Dem-GOP Trash Trip

Based on a press release from the House Republican Caucus, found at: 
the trip to Ontario is much more than about Toronto trash.  The purpose is to "meet early this year with key leaders in Canada and discuss trade and other topics related to economic development."
Actually, the press release does not mention Toronto trash at all.
And turning trash into coal is just a ridiculous idea.  Sounds like the energy crisis has just been solved!  But we need to get everyone to generate more trash so we can have enough coal to fire the power plants.  Maybe we can have trash-powered cars!  How about a trash-powered trip to the moon?  Forget Iraq....maybe we should invade Canada so we can get more of their trash to turn into coal!  Halliburton, are you interested?
Sorry, I digress.
Jeff Surfus

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From: "David Holtz" <dholtz@cleanwater.org>
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Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2004 5:08 PM
Subject: Weird Dem-GOP Trash Trip

> A story in today's Bay City Times says Ann Arbor Democrat and
> environmental champ Chris Kolb is joining ardent DEQ hater, Livonia
> Republican John Pastor, on a bipartisan trip to Toronto to explore
> "turning imported Toronto trash into coal", possibly using technology at
> a Saginaw firm.  I thought we were trying to keep Toronto trash out of
> Michigan?   According to the Times report, Kolb and Pastor are being
> joined on this trip by Craig DeRoche, R-Novi; Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland;
> Daniel Acciavatti, R-Chesterfield; Ruth Johnson, R-Holly; Chris Kolb,
> Tupac Hunter, D-Detroit; and Bill McConico, D-Detroit and Joseph Rivet,
> D-Bay City.
> Anyone know what's up with this? Is there some deal in the works on
> imported trash?