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John Kerry does indeed appear to have a great record on the environment.
That's encouraging as we hope any democratic candidate will be able to
challenge the current administrations record.  

However, please take note the Howard Dean also has a good record and an
excellent attitude toward perserving our environment:

This is a PDF document prepared by the Dean campaign:

This is the website presentation on Dean's environmental record and Dean's


Thanks for your time!

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Why Environmentalists Should Support John Kerry 

in the February 7th Michigan Caucus 

With a strong victory coming out of Iowa and a potential horserace for the
Democratic nomination ahead of him, John Kerry needs your vote in Michigan
to win the nomination. Senator John Kerry has an extensive record of
accomplishment during his distinguished political career and his leadership
on the environment deserves special notice. Kerry's commitment and record on
issues ranging from clean air and clean water to parks and the protection of
endangered species is unrivaled in the field of Presidential contenders.
>From Boston's first Earth Day in 1970 when John Kerry - just returned from
Vietnam - spoke out on the importance of the Earth; up until last year, when
his stalwart filibustering helped to stop the President's dangerous and
pork-barrel "National Energy Policy," John Kerry has been a true friend of
the environment. 

Let's take a look at the specifics: 

Beginning with his service as Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, John Kerry
co-chaired the Acid Rain Task Force in 1983. This group presented solutions
to the worsening problem of acid rain and issued a report called "Call For
Action [Against Acid Rain Report]." Then, during John Kerry's first year in
the US Senate, he went to work on this issue by passing the National Acid
Rain Control Act and following through for his constituents and clean air by
continuing to hold Senate hearings on the progress of the government's
efforts to end acid rain.

John Kerry has offered consistent leader on increasing the number of miles
that Americans get out of every gallon of gas. Kerry has advocated for
higher standards for automobile efficiency, offering a plan that is good for
the environment, our pocketbooks and our national security. Kerry spoke out
on this issue last year at the Detroit Economic Club, detailing his plan to
ensure that higher fuel efficiency standards breathe new life into our
manufacturing economy. He proposed incentives and tax credits for
manufacturers and buyers of fuel efficient vehicles. He argued that in a
Kerry administration, the federal government would take action to foster
American-built, union-made, fuel-efficient cars right here in Michigan. As
we all know, the cars of the future will be built; the only question is who
will be building them and where.

Senator Kerry recognizes the importance of good energy policy to our
environment, our economy and our security. To this end he has proposed his
"2020 Plan" for energy independence. As President, Kerry will implement his
plan to make America energy independent by increasing the use of alternative
sources such as wind, solar, biomass and increased conservation. The goal is
to meet 20% of America's electricity needs through the use of renewable
energy and to make America the technology leader in this new and growing

John Kerry is a supporter of efforts to curb global warming and reduce
harmful, "greenhouse gas" emissions. John Kerry introduced the "Global
Climate Change Act of 2001" to "speed national action to address global
climate change." 

John Kerry earned the highest score of any Presidential candidate according
to the League of Conservation Voters "National Environmental Scorecard." His
amazing 96.5% lifetime LCV score is tops among the field and demonstrates a
wide ranging commitment to issues ranging from clean air, clean water,
public lands, protection of wildlife, funding for our national parks, mining
regulations, and much more. You can view Kerry's history (and the history of
every other member of Congress) at the LCV
website: www.lcv.org.

John Kerry is a consistent, forceful and successful supporter of our
National Parks system and our public lands. He earned the "Friend of the
National Parks" award from the National Parks Conservation Association for
earning a 100% voting record during the 107th Congress. He also stood up to
the President's shortsighted plan to drill for oil in the Alaskan National
Wildlife Refuge and was a leader in the filibuster that held up that
proposal in the US Senate.

Kerry stands up for the environment in important trade relationships. During
the negotiation of the Trade Promotion Authority bill, Senator Kerry worked
with Sen. Max Baucus to require that future trade agreements don't
circumvent our environmental protections driving pollution and jobs

John Kerry is the leading advocate for marine mammals in the US Senate. As a
member of the Oceans and Fisheries subcommittee, authored the Marine Mammal
Protection Act Amendments of 1994 that was later signed into law by
President Clinton. In 1990, Kerry authored the Driftnet Act Amendments of
1990/Fishery Conservation Amendments of 1990 in an effort to preserve marine
mammal populations.

One consistent aspect of John Kerry's career and his work on behalf of the
environment is that John Kerry follows through for his constituents and he
gets results for clean air, clean water and public lands. For that alone he
deserves your support. 

Still, there is another reason to vote for John Kerry in the Feb. 7th
caucus. John Kerry can beat George W. Bush. Kerry beats Bush on the
environment, health care, education, civil rights and national security. But
perhaps most importantly, John Kerry will not allow this President to simply
wave the Stars and Stripes and get away with his empty claims of patriotism.

That is why environmentalists in Michigan should follow through for John
Kerry and put a stalwart environmental champion in the White House. Here is
a President who we could really be proud of - John Kerry.

For more information, call the campaign at their Southfield office
248-750-0371, or visit HYPERLINK

You can also call me at 734-834-7152. 

Jeff Irwin 
Washtenaw County Commissioner 
11th District 


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