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E-M:/ Re: Why John Kerry . . . Kucinich is the best candidate for Michigan's environment

For balanced reporting, I just want to add that I am supporting Dennis Kucinich because environmentally, he's the one who introduced natonal legislation to label genetically engineered foods (which 5 Michigan congresspeople endorsed).
He wants to cancel NAFTA and the WTO and negotiate fair trade agreements. He was in Seattle when the WTO was there and witnessed the teargas and lock downs. He was there and marched with the people in a call for human rights, worker's rights and environmental quality principles.

He's the only candidate who has a plan to bring the troops home from Iraq, end tax cuts for the wealthy and he's running a clean campaign.
I am leery of the candidates who are getting favoritism by the media--the same media owned by the munti-national corporations--the same media that censors public dissidence. I am leery of candidates that are getting big checks from corporate PACS.

In summary, folks, you may want to dig a little deeper and go beyond the popularity poles created by the media to get all the information you can before you vote.

For the record, after the primary, I will support any candidate who wants to beat Bush.