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To all my environmentally conscious state citizens and friends, let us not forget that war is perhaps the greatest scourge of the environment, not only did we scorch the earth in much of Iraq, leave it poisoned, etc. but the amount of money used to forge violence on the planet is an environmental catastrophe. In Donella Meadows piece she wrote in 1990 and published in Whole Earth Review, she shows that if the took 1990 data and collapsed the world to a village of 1,000 people there would be $3 million budget for everything. $181,000 of that would go to weapons and warfare. The cost of the war thus far is $100,000,000,000!!!!!!! That is money that could be cleaning water, producing energy from renewable resources, paying farmers a fair living for growing food without pesticides, etc. So while you can have politicians defending the planet at one level they can be destroying it at another. This is one huge costly mistake for the environment. Not to mention the 500+ Americans soldiers who have died, the thousands more seriously injured, the thousands of Iraqi civilians dead, maimed, left homeless.


While I’ll likely support any of them (except Lieberman) vs. Bush, the environment is connected to the other issues in fundamental ways. If you read Kucinich’s stuff and look at his record, he is clearly more committed to the worldview I connect with. Too bad the media covers the horse race and doesn’t give equal time to the ideas of the candidates. We don’t necessarily need Kucinich or Dean or Kerry or anyone else, we just need their ideas put into play. At this stage, I’m voting for Kucinich to get his ideas heard…




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..... BUT ... to best protect Michigan's environment - and not to mention the whole country's (and in a global sense, too) ... the Dems need someone who can beat Bush, and, really ... I don't think Dean (and definitely not Kucinich) has a proverbial snowball's chance ...

The other crucial thing - here in Michigan and elsewhere - is that an informed electorate get out and *vote*.