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E-M:/ WI DNR targeting game farm where 6 chronic wasting cases reported

This is why we need the tighter controls (double fencing or closures) on cervid farms in Michigan.

JS Online: DNR targeting game farm where 6 chronic wasting cases reported

Now Hall's business could be ending. After the discovery of chronic wasting disease on his farm in September 2002, state officials fear it could spread from his fenced, 82-acre compound to the surrounding countryside.
So far, six of his deer have tested positive for the fatal disease, according to the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. One was shot as recently as Dec. 4.
Wisconsin officials willingly concede that they will probably never know how chronic wasting disease got to Wisconsin, but a leading theory points to the role of game farms.
"Hall stated that he possibly lost some bucks during the storm of June 11th, 2001, because he had damage to fences on his property."
Fences around captive facilities have not kept deer from getting loose in the past. During inspections, the DNR last year found that 436 deer had escaped from Wisconsin deer farms and that one-third of the 550 farms reported an escape at one time or another.