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E-M:/ virus

I got an email (two) with the subject "TEST" and the return address was from majordomo@great-lakes.net.  But it was automatically quarantined because it had a virus attached, so I deleted it without opening it.  I'm pretty paranoid, too...especially in the past couple of days.  I didn't want to take any chances and open it.  I am pretty much computer dysfunctional. so I am wondering what it was and how a virus got attached.


I just got one of those rare messages through enviro-mich with an attachment. Being of the paranoid persuasion I never open attachments unless I have prior knowledge that they are free of any malicious intent. (I will, however, open attachments with the .txt extension but only with a specific text editor known as Vedit). Since occasional attachments do come through on the listserver, can we assume that you screen them in advance? If so, I'll consider opening the interesting looking ones. Otherwise, I would encourage those that want get their message through to folks like me, they should put everything in the body of the message. Otherwise, give me (us) a link to the website where the info can be viewed. If you don't, be secure in the knowledge that it will NOT be read.





Timothy Carpenter