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January 29, 2004                                               Cyndi Roper 517-203-0758

Clean Water Action's Statement On Today's Great Lakes Proposal

Clean Water Action, with more than 295,000 members living in the Great Lakes Basin, is pleased that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today is promising funding for the Great Lakes Legacy Act. We have learned the hard way, however, that the Bush administration’s actions do not match its rhetoric when it comes to protecting our environment and public health.

Moreover, should the president follow through on this election-year promise of funding, the administration’s aggressive agenda to weaken environmental protections continues to undermine Michigan’s environment and the health of its residents.

Over the past three years, those of us who live among the Great Lakes have been overwhelmed by the Bush Administration’s proposals to weaken water and health protections. From his first month in office, the President has systematically sought to dismantle public health and water quality protections by

  • campaigning to allow more arsenic in our drinking water;
  • failing to fund the nation’s toxic site cleanup program;
  • proposing that more untreated sewage and toxic chemicals be allowed into the Great Lakes and other waterways;
  • allowing vast increases in the amount toxic chemicals like mercury released into the air and eventually into the Great Lakes and other waters;
  • removing more than 40-percent of Michigan’s lakes and rivers from protection under the Clean Water Act.

 It is unfair that taxpayers alone must bare the burden of cleaning up toxic contamination while the Bush administration protects industries and other special interests that pollute our waterways. While the administration showcases an election-year proposal to provide taxpayer dollars to clean up the Great Lakes, the president gives polluters who are discharging and dumping wastes into our waters a free ride. 

 Yes, we need the money to protect and cleanup our precious Great Lakes. But we also need we need a President who is committed to preventing toxic chemicals from entering our water and our bodies in the first place. We need a President who will fight each and every year to protect our lakes, rivers and streams.

Cyndi Roper
Michigan Director


David Holtz
Clean Water Action
313-300-4454 cell