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E-M:/ F-Hail the Chief


Support for Dean (today in East Lansing), Kerry and Kucinich on the EM list has been noted. Also recognized is the list moderator's determination that discussion of the presidential primaries is a relevant environmental topic for this list.

I imagine that most EM readers agree that it's an ABB situation (anyone but bush). I thought I'd share political writers Alex Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair's view on things at the moment, in today's CounterPunch article called,

Nervous Dems beg Nader not to run


You ask about ideas, the clash of ideologies, of visions? Friends, this is a minimalist campaign between Democrats and no doubt it will be thus, between the ultimate nominee and George Bush. The night of the New Hampshire primary, on a day when six US soldiers died in Iraq, not one candidate used the deaths as a rallying cry to end the occupation of Iraq. Indeed the "antiwar" candidate, Dean, said the war in Iraq was no longer an issue.