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E-M:/ State of the People Rally in Lansing, Feb. 4th

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

Join us in Lansing to deliver our message to the
Governor at the

‘State of the People’
February 4th, 2004
Lansing, MI On the Capitol Steps
12-1:30 pm

February 4th, citizens from across Michigan will be
meeting at the capitol to deliver our "State of the
People" address. Everyone is needed, so bring your
families and friends!

Granholm has been parading around the state making
sure that corporations are guaranteed tax breaks while
the people have to continue to foot the bill for the
economic and environmental devastation that these
corporations cause.

Granholm has gone out of her way to make sure that
Nestle is guaranteed a tax break to destroy the
environment and take water for free to sell back to
us, but she cannot spend one second to ensure the most
vulnerable people amongst us has access to clean
water. Detroit shut off water at 40,000 homes in 2002
and Highland Park, a city run by the governor, has
half of its 5,000 homes in shut off status or shut
off. (note: Detroit won’t release current numbers of
shut offs). 

Granholm can ensure that DTE can continue to raise
rates, but she has done nothing to make them guarantee
service to people who cannot afford the bills. DTE has
shut off 30,000 homes and has another 50,000 on notice
for shut off. They continue to deny access to heat and
lights to low income and elderly people through the
winter. She will also not do anything to ensure that
they use the extra money from the increased rates to
implement clean, local-based power solutions.

Bush is continuing to spend billions a month on his
private war in Iraq, while denying people access to
resources to live a decent life. Why is Granholm not
standing up and forming an 'anti-war governors
council' to demand an immediate halt to the war and a
return of resources to the people who desperately need

The time is now to stand up and demand action. We want
an end to utility shut offs. We want an end to the
pollution of our water, earth and air. We want an end
to water mining in the Great Lakes. We want an end to
corporate welfare at the expense of the community and
the environment. Mark your calendars for Feb. 4th, and
come out to the capital to help us send a clear
message to the Governor. 

There will be carpooling and buses leaving from
Detroit. Meet at the Farmer Jack parking lot on
Woodward in Highland Park at 9 am. We will return
around 4pm. For more information, contact 313-410-4155
or 313-832-0618 or email stopperrier@yahoogroups.com 
Folks will also be coming from the Traverse City area.
Contact wobbly (at) waterissweet.org for information
on rides from up north.	

Endorsers so far:

Highland Park Human Rights Coalition

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization

National Welfare Rights Union

League of Revolutionaries for a New America

Sisters in Power

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Sweetwater Alliance

Detroit Green Party

Massassauga Earth First

Central United Methodist Church

Detroit NFI

Detroit labor Party

Michigan Citizens for Peace

Students for Social Change – Uof M-Flint

Committee for the Political Resurrection of Detroit

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