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E-M:/ Swinging with the Bushies...

Enviro-Mich message from Tom & Anne Woiwode <woiwode@voyager.net>

Evidently the Great Lakes funding announced yesterday matched up with
targeted "green" funding in the country's swing states -- hmmmm

Subject: DAILY GRIST, 30 Jan 2004

30 Jan 2004
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE

Bush Announces Environmental Money for Swing States

A recent flurry of announcements from the Bush administration about
proposed funding increases for environmental projects -- including
salmon restoration and brush clearing in the Northwest, Everglades
protection in Florida, and cleanup of the Great Lakes -- has some
enviros suspicious.  Not that they aren't glad to have a bit more
money going to good causes.  But they point out that the funding
increases have several things in common:  they are for programs the
administration pushed to cut as recently as last year; they represent
a fraction of the money requested by the affected parties; they were
announced with fanfare in an election year; and, most significantly,
they funnel money to crucial electoral battleground states.  "God
help you if you're waiting for EPA to clean up a toxic waste site
outside of a swing state," said Phil Clapp, president of the National
Environmental Trust.  The White House rejected the contention that
its announcements were politically motivated.

straight to the source:  The Oregonian, Jim Barnett, 29 Jan 2004

straight to the source:  Knoxville News Sentinel, Joan Lowy, 29 Jan 2004


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