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E-M:/ DEQ releases solid waste report -- imports up 35%!

The DEQ has released its annual report of solid wastes disposed in Michigan for the period of September 2002 to September 2003 and the results are sickening for anyone who is concerned about out of state waste. 
For the period, waste imports are up by 35% over the previous year.  Over 15 million cubic yards of out of state waste were landfilled in Michigan....almost 25% of the total landfilled.  The huge increase can be almost entirely attributed to Canadian waste.
Much more detail can be found in the press release at:
The questions remain: 
How much longer are we going to have to wait for the Republican leadership in the Michigan legislature to take action? 
How many more pieces of evidence do they need?
Why hasn't the legislation passed by the Senate been voted on in the House?
When will the necessary tipping fee legislation be brought forward for a vote in the House and Senate?
Why, year after year, when these reports come out, and the news gets worse and worse, do I have to ask the same questions?
This isn't the last you'll hear from me on this.
Jeff Surfus
Don't Trash Michigan