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E-M:/ MI-DEQ press release on waste report

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Subject:      New DEQ Press Release - February 2, 2004
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February 2, 2004

Contact:     Patricia Spitzley
                    (517) 241-7397

DEQ Releases 2003 Solid Waste Report

Today the Department of Environmental Quality released the 2003 Report
of Solid Waste Landfilled in Michigan.  Data contained in that report
shows that in 2003 solid waste imported into Michigan made up
one-quarter of all waste disposed of in Michigan landfills.  Michigan
landfills accepted for disposal 62,615,429 cubic yards of solid waste
last year, up from 57,540,922 cubic yards.  Waste disposed of by
Michigan residents increased by 2 percent, to 47,115,961 cubic yards,
while solid waste imported from other states and Canada increased by
4,005,025 cubic yards, about 35 percent, to 15,499,468 cubic yards.  The
largest source of waste imports into Michigan continues to be from
Canada, with total imports of 9,433,028 cubic yards, up 2,825,172 cubic
yards, or about 43 percent, from 2002.

"The increase in the out-of-state solid waste disposed of in Michigan
highlights the need for the Legislature to close the deal on solid waste
legislation pending before them," said DEQ Director Steven E. Chester.
"We cannot continue to allow the importation of large quantities of
solid waste into our state that may not meet Michigan's high health and
safety standards."

Congress has been considering bills to authorize state regulation of
solid waste importation for over ten years.  The Michigan Legislature is
considering a slate of bills that would, among other things, tighten
prohibitions against disposal of certain items in Michigan landfills and
ensure that waste disposed of in Michigan landfills meets those
prohibitions no matter where the waste is generated.  Other bills being
considered by the Michigan Legislature would add a $3 per ton surcharge
to waste disposed of in Michigan and devote the revenue to improving
local recycling programs.

"In the wake of this report, it is now more imperative than ever that
the Legislature deliver to my desk the package of bills to curb the flow
of out-of-state and foreign trash in Michigan," Governor Granholm said.
"I think we can all agree that Michigan's quality of life is eroded a
little bit more with every truckload of trash that is brought in to our
state. It is time for the Legislature to move on the trash

The data released today appears in the Report of Solid Waste Landfilled
in Michigan for Fiscal Year 2003.  Submittal of this information to the
DEQ is required of all Michigan landfills pursuant to Part 115, Solid
Waste Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.  This is the eighth annual report prepared
by the DEQ.  The specific amounts of waste generated by various
jurisdictions are:

        ORIGIN                      FY 2002                FY 2003
Canada                   6,607,856             9,433,028
Connecticut                               720                228,900
Illinois                               1,697,441             1,846,199
Indiana                  1,701,290              1,783,267
Iowa                                              0
Maine                                             0
Massachusetts                                0                134,726
Michigan                        46,046,479           47,115,961
Missouri                                    60
New Hampshire                     0                  34,842
New Jersey                                 103                   1,581
New York                                5,038                150,235
Ohio                                  1,043,872             1,246,453
Pennsylvania                                 82
Wisconsin                            437,981                551,569

To receive a copy of the report, contact the DEQ, Waste and Hazardous
Materials Division, Storage Tank and Solid Waste Section, P.O. Box
30241, Lansing Michigan 48909 7741, at 517 335 4035; or download the
report from the DEQ Web site at:  http://www.michigan.gov/deq and under
"Announcements" click on "Report of Solid Waste Landfilled in Michigan
for FY 2003."


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