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E-M:/ Kucinich in Michigan - Presidential Candidates

Congressman Dennis Kucinich's unofficial (still subject to change) schedule for Michigan visits...

Friday, Feb 6  
Kalamazoo-WMU Rally begins at 12:15, Dennis speaks from 12:35 to 12:50 ; media time until 1:00.

Grand Rapids- Aquinas Rally begins at 1:45, Dennis speaks from 2:05 to 2:20; media time until 2:30.

Muskegon Rally begins at 2:45, Dennis speaks from 3:05 to 3:20; media time until 3:30.

Greenville Electrolux Rally begins at 3:45, Dennis speaks from 4:05 to 4:20; media time until 4:30.

Flint Rally begins at 5:45, Dennis speaks from 6:05 to 6:25; media time until 6:35.

Pontiac Rally begins at 7:00, Dennis speaks from 7:20 to 8:00; media time until 8:15.

Detroit Metro Rally begins at 8:00 with entertainment, Dennis speaks from 8:55 to 9:30; media time until 9:45. Dennis mixes with the attendees after the Rally.

Saturday, Feb 7   

All morning - Congressman Kucinich to visit various caucus sites throughout the Detroit Metro area.

1:00-1:30   a close circuit TV presentation by Dennis to an Environmental Gathering in Tennessee.

I will be more than happy to fill in gaps (specific locations) as the information becomes available. Meanwhile, read this interview with Kucinich in the environmental news mag the Daily Grist... http://www.gristmagazine.com/maindish/kucinich101503.asp

and/or Kucinich's Environmental (and other) issues spelled out at... http://www.kucinich.us/issues/

let us walk in peace

Peter Knox

On Tuesday, January 27, 2004, at 05:43 PM, Alex J. Sagady & Associates wrote:

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 02:59 PM 01/27/2004, John Stender of Hawkeye Environmental Land Services wrote:

Let's try and get back to what this list-server is for and I don't believe that it is for Presidential candidate debate. If that is what is going to happen from now until November, please let us know so we can xxsxbscribe. I am inundated with solicited and unsolicited candidate material as it is. I do not need more.

Sorry John, as volunteer for the Sierra Club, we're the ones who will
determine what this list is for and is not for.....

On the matter of the presidential candidates.....This is the list manager butting in....with a clarification on this issue.

Given that all matters relating to the Bush Administration's
attack on environmental protection and conservation and environmental
organization defense on these matters is relevant to the EM List.....

....All matters relating to the national environmental/conservation
positions of the presidential candidates and their criticisms of the
Bush presidency....are also germaine.

Citizen organizing in Michigan in the environmental context for any of the
presidential candidates, notably in anticipation of the Michigan
presidential primary.....is germaine to the the EM list. (i.e.
college student support groups for the candidates)

The matter of the Bush presidency and its consequences and the
matter of the battle over the presidency has become the most important
environmental issue to the environmental movement. For example,
Sierra Club is conducting national mobilization on these issues that you'll
be hearing about in the future.

Announcements of the time and place of candidate appearances in Michigan
up until the Democratic primary are germaine to EM.

Discussion about the relation between the grassroots environmental
movement and grassroots presidential campaigns is germaine to EM.

Endorsements by environmental/conservation organizations and environmental
activists are germaine to the EM list.

References to URLs from presidential candidate sites are germaine.


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