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E-M:/ Tips for Using the Michigan Democratic Internet Voting Site

There is mention today in the Detroit News' new
non-blog political Blog of users having trouble using
the Michigan Dems internet voting site.    Many more
ballots/passwords/userids have been sent out than
have actually voted.

First, getting in....           YOU MUST USE THE
        https://  when going into
Michigan Dem internet voting site to cast your ballot.

If you don't, you'll never, ever get into the site to
vote.   You'll get obscure error messages or
timeout displays.   95% of people out there never knowingly deal with
a "secure socket layer" site because they always
enter them through a non-secure site like the
credit card companies and airlines use to get to
their secure sites.

The Michigan Dems have people going directly to
a secure site [very bad design/human engineering approach]
and in order to get there you've got
to use that https:// prefix.....note that "s", unlike most web sites.

Click here to
get all the way to the Dem voting site:
[assuming you already applied to get a ballot/userid/password]

Next, once you get in, make sure your don't
create an undervote.
    You get to the screen
where you select from the candidates.    You hit
the box for say, Howard Dean,   but you haven't yet
recorded your vote.

You then get a "talk back" screen where you see
your selection, but you still have not yet recorded
your vote.

On the "talk back" screen, there is a "submit" button down below
and only after you hit that does your vote ever get recorded.

The "talk back screen" should have been designed with a flashing message
saying that you haven't yet recorded your vote until after you hit
"submit" button.   If you merely close the window after the talk-back
screen comes on without hitting the submit button (thinking you've cast your vote),
your vote will not have been recorded and you will have created
an undervote.   Remember, you might have to scroll down to the
"submit" button if you don't have your screen maximized.....it might
be below the bottom of the screen for some browsers and their
individualized settings,
especially if you use bigger print in your

This is all very bad human engineering by the
Michigan Dem party in the way they set it all
up.   I'll bet a lot of voters have been frustrated even getting into
the site because of the secure entry and the need to enter that https://
prefix.    I think this may be one reason why there have been so
few electronic votes even after many ballotts/userid/passwords were
sent out.

If you get completely frustrated with voting (including not having
an email message to confirm who you voted for), you can always
appear at your caucus on February 7 instead of voting by Internet.

If you didn't get around to
applying to vote or registering, you can just show up with
identification.   Also, attention 17 year old high school students....you
can vote in the primary caucuses if you'll be 18 by November, but
you must appear at a caucus site and bring identification. 

Caucus sites can be found at

Remember how important this voting is to the environment
and the future of our country.

Alex Sagady

PS....Please spread the word about this problem.

PPS....  See the Blog by Sandy Kanakis (scroll down to
"State Dem Party Messes Up " at
about user difficulties with the Michigan Democrat Voting Site

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