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Re: E-M:/ Trash Imports to Michigan Skyrocket

Ken see imbedded comments.
In a message dated 02/03/2004 1:38:25 PM Eastern Standard Time, VERMEUKW@wnj.com writes:
Rather than pointing fingers, calling eachother names, and playing the usual political games, it would be nice if we could work together to come up with the admittedly tough solution to this problem.  (Now THAT's naive!) 
Ken, I don't really believe that you believe the notion of working together is naive!.  Not much point in trying then is there?  I have seen Michigan come together on a number of tough adversarial issues in the past (not overnight though .  At MDA we put farm worker protection together with Mich Farm Bureau in advance of the Fed EPA regs.  Ditto migrant housing.  In the recycling field we went from skeptics among the env community to doing more than imagined (we still have a long way to go) in just 3 years.  
It isn't naive to say that we can't do anything at the state level that applies to out-of-state waste but not to in-state waste (my emphasis added) - CPC).  Anything that increases the cost of landfilling across the board (like the two bills in the House and Senate) would place a huge additional tax burden on Michigan business,
 Working together is how one finds out what options can be applied to inra-state and inter-state.  You are correct, of course, that the measuring stick must show even-handedness.  And that has not been done to this point.  Also, why do you assume that any cost will be borne disproportionately bye Michigan business?  Regardless, your point is that added costs will not be looked on by favor by either Mich or out-of-state residents or businesses.