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E-M:/ ANWR Drilling / Kerry and Hoffa-Teamsters

....noting the past messages in support of the Kerry campaign on EM,
LCV's support of Kerry and today's suspension of the Dean campaign....


The following clip appeared tonight on the Deanfor america blog
noting a film clip played on MSNBC Hardball of James Hoffa Jr.

"Hoffa says ( Hardball, Feb. 17) that Kerry says he will support drilling " everywhere". This is in exchange for the Teamster endorsement.
Selling us down the river.....
Posted by alaskana at February 18, 2004 09:47 PM"

The film clip text was not in the program text when I went
to search on the Hardball site....however this exchange referenced
the hoffa piece...

MATTHEWS:  Can I ask Lisa a question?  Because you were a dispatched reporter.  Extremely dispatched.  Extremely dispatched.  Is there any issue a Democrat will not buckle on, in order to get elected to the White House?

Like the moment we saw, listening to James Hoffa there?

DEPAULO:  Right, he‘s rolling all over the country. 

MATTHEWS:  Planning this sort of meeting he had of the minds with him and Kerry?

DEPAULO:  Right.

MATTHEWS:  Where Kerry buckled on every single issue he brought up?  I forgot to ask the best question: Is there anything he wouldn‘t say to you to get the Teamsters?  Which is, I think, a fair question.

DEPAULO:  Right.

If this is true, the SC should seek an immediate clarification
from Kerry  or issue a public statement
on whether he has altered his position on ANWR

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