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Re: E-M:/ Reponse to earlier media release

To elaborate a bit on what Chris wrote, having the Legislature issue administrative rules goes beyond meddling.  It is probably unconstitutional.  Do the Republicans remember that there are three branches of government? The legislature legislates laws, the administration administrates laws, and the judiciary sorts out all of the messes created by the other two. 
Now the Republicans want to legislate administrative rules.  They already have the authority to veto rules, due to bad judgment by a previous governor who chose to not veto the bill that created the Joint Legislative Rules Committee. This enrolled bill goes much farther; actually having the legislature assume the ability to write administrative rules. 
The central problem with this is, of course, that political influence often corrupts the interpretation of law and that the bill would allow the legislature to further encroach into another branch of government.  I guarantee you that the Republicans would be opposing this if the Democrats were in control of the House and the Senate.
The current administrative rule process includes listening to all parties, including special interests, and then applying the law according to the actual language of statute.  Let's keep the processes separate so that the branches remain at least reasonably intact.