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Re: E-M:/ ANWR Drilling / Kerry and Hoffa-Teamsters

Enviro-Mich message from "Jeff Surfus" <jeffsurfus@comcast.net>


Just to clear things up on the Hoffa statement regarding Kerry and ANWR
drilling, Kerry was asked about this on CNN yesterday and below is the
transcript.  ANWR would be OFF LIMITS in the Kerry presidency.

WOODRUFF: Senator, questions are already being raised about what you said
to some of these labor leaders in order to get their endorsement. James
Hoffa of the Teamsters said in an interview just this week, he said you
told him that while you opposed drilling in ANWAR -- the Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge -- that you are, quote, he said, going to put that
pipeline in and drill like never before, drill all over the United States
to create more jobs.

KERRY: I think he -- I said exactly what my policy has been all my life.
Which is I'm for the natural gas pipeline. Absolutely. I voted for the
natural gas pipeline. I think it's important to build it. And so do most
Americans. I'm also for the drilling in the 95 percent of the Alaska oil
shelf that's up for leasing now. In fact, President Clinton put out the
biggest lease in American history in that part of the shelf. I'm not for
drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and I haven't changed and I won't

WOODRUFF: You're saying there's no contradiction here?

KERRY: Absolutely none whatsoever.

Jeff Surfus

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