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E-M:/ liquid manure flowing into Great Lakes watersheds

With rain yesterday and temps in the 40's, liquid CAFO manure applied to frozen ground is running off fields and discharging into streams in the Bean Creek Watershed, River Raisin Watershed, and others in Michigan.

See photos from today -- http://www.nocafos.org/news.htm
Blackish, reddish water is flowing into Lime Lake, Hillsdale County. Earlier this year, and just before Christmas, thousands of gallons of manure-contaminated liquid entered this same lake.

CAFO Rules, under development at DEQ, should prohibit application of liquid manure to frozen ground. There's no way this waste functions as fertilizer, no way it won't run off the field or enter sub-surface tile-drainage systems, with thaw.  We saw the pollution last year, all through March; we're seeing it again right now.  Everyone knows the risk, and everyone knows the consequences to the Great Lakes.  How long will Michigan allow this polluting practice?