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E-M:/ Jackson Citizen Patriot gets it on waste imports

Last week the Jackson Citizen Patriot editorialized on the bills to regulate out of state trashing currently awaiting action in the Michigan Senate. 
Portions below:
Trash-import package: High time for limits
Thursday, February 19, 2004

Gov. Jennifer Granholm recently highlighted one of Michigan's unsavory distinctions -- as a favorite destination for out-of-state garbage trucks. Not good. That's why the governor is waiting, pen poised, to sign a package of trash-regulation bills into law.
Constitutionally, federal courts have struck down laws that ban imported trash -- not laws that merely regulate it. The latter, we believe, is long overdue. Moreover, there is no discrimination in these proposed laws, merely a push to treat Canadian and other states' trash the same as in-state trash.
No one will take care of Michigan's environment if our own people don't. That's why these laws are appropriate. The Senate should confirm this legislation as soon as possible and get it to the governor, pronto.
The entire editorial can be read at:
It's now time for the Senate to take action on these bills that have made their way through both houses and only need to have the differences reconciled before sending them on to the Governor.  These bills have received overwhelming support in both houses.  Why the delay?
Senator Sikkema, we're waiting!