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RE: E-M:/ Water Legacy Act--Where's the rage?

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There's no reason to trade-in your slide rule. I too hope the 2,000,000 gpd
number cited is a misprint. That number is roughly equivalent to the supply
needed for a community of 36,000 people!

Please, someone with a bit of extra time, follow the press-release back to
the source and see if the 2M number is correct. If so, somebody got
hoodwinked and there needs to be a significant revision.



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Dan, and Enviro-michers,

Please correct my math if you can, but I believe that the 2 million gallons
per day listed in the legislative initiative is wrong.  Are we really
proposing that it would be OK for Ice Mountain to increase their output by
almost 4 times?

Ice Mountain's present "license" is for 400 gallons per minute.  My slide
rule says this is 576,000 gallons per day.  Ignoring the Grandfather clause
problem, are we going to accept that future Ice Mountain clones will also be
unaffected by this legislation?

Please tell me I'm wrong and should find other targets for my rage.

Dave Llewellyn

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> FYI - From yesterday's press conference
> RELEASE                     CONTACT:    Sen.
> Liz Brater
> March 3,
> 2004                                        517/373-2406
>                                                Rep.
> Chris Kolb
>                                                517/373-2577
> Act supports Governor's plan to regulate water withdrawal 
> and protect water resources
>    LANSING - Two leading environmental Democratic lawmakers today
> unveiled a legislative initiative that would protect Michigan's fresh
> water aquifers and lakes by regulating water withdrawal.  During a press
> conference in the Governor's Capitol office, State Senator Liz Brater
> (D-Ann Arbor) and State Representative Chris Kolb (D-Ann Arbor) joined
> Governor Jennifer M. Granholm and DEQ Director, Steve Chester, in
> announcing the Michigan Water Legacy Act, a comprehensive plan to manage
> Michigan's water resources and protect the Great Lakes' precious
> fresh water.
>    "The risk to Michigan's fresh water supply is greater today
> than perhaps at any other time in our state's history," Kolb said. 
> "This is why it is imperative that we have a sound and prudent
> strategy to manage our precious water resources and proactively address
> the inevitable conflicts and disputes that will emerge."
> Under the proposed plan, new facilities that make withdrawals from
> surface water or groundwater greater than two million gallons a day or
> greater than 100 million gallons a year would be required to obtain
> permits.  Current water users would not be affected unless they sought
> to increase water withdrawals or use additional water sources.  The plan
> would have immediate effect, but requirements would be phased in over
> the next five years toward full implementation in 2009.  Annual
> reporting will be required of all permit holders.

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