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E-M:/ U.S. officials yank fish barrier funding (note: funding may be replaced)

U.S. officials yank fish barrier funding  March 4, 2004
$4.4 million was promised for fence

Federal officials have cut funding for a new electric fence to block voracious Asian carp from invading Lake Michigan, where biologists fear the prolific fish could rapidly spread and devastate all of the Great Lakes.
Officials fear the three Asian carp species--bighead carp, black carp and silver carp--could end up causing more ecological and economic damage than other invasive species that already have wreaked havoc in the lakes, such as the sea lamprey and the zebra mussel.
that funding for domestic projects was being cut back to provide more money for the corps' work in Iraq and Afghanistan.


A followup to this story:
On Saturday, 3/6/04, I was listening to 780AM Chicago radio. There was an announcement that the USACE stated, "We will find the money somewhere to replace the $4.4M." The radio commentary stated that there was a huge public outrage upon hearing of the earlier funding cut. The USACE was flooded with letters, phone calls, emails, and every local politician on their case. We'll see if this shows up in the news soon.