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Re: E-M:/ Urgent call for signatures, Superfund letter to MI Senators

Enviro-Mich message from Matthew Abel <attorneyabel@comcast.net>

Gee -

The Democrats are such good friends of the environment, how could we 
even think of the possilbility that Levin and Stabenow would not 
support polluter pays?

Maybe they are both already on board, but it concerns me that you can't 
ever be sure about them.

If they were of the Green Party, you wouldn't even have to ask.

Matthew R. Abel
Attorney at Law	
450 W. Fort Street, Suite 200
Detroit, MI  48226
On Mar 8, 2004, at 3:12 PM, Vicki Levengood wrote:

> Friends -- as the Sierra Club's Rita Jack explained in a previous 
> post, the Senate could†vote as early as Wednesday on an amendment†to 
> reinstate†the Superfund†"polluter pays" tax on industry. Please sign 
> on to the letter below, urging Michigan's Senators to vote for this 
> amendment.††  Reply by email no later than early tomorrow morning (by 
> C.O.B. today, if at all possible) with your name, title, organization 
> name, and location.† While we're hoping to garner signatures from 
> leaders of†Michigan's environmental organizations, we welcome 
> individuals to sign on as well.† Contact me with questions, or check 
> out N.E.T's website for more in-depth Superfund 
> information:††http://environet.policy.net/superfund/†† Thanks in 
> advance!
> †
> Vicki Levengood
> Michigan Representative
> National Environmental Trust
> 517-333-5786† office
> 517-256-6789† cell
> vleven@ameritech.net
> www.environet.org
> †
> Letter text:
> †
> Dear Senator Levin (Stabenow):
> †
> As you know, the Superfund program was designed to clean up the 
> nationís worst toxic waste sites.† There are dozens of Superfund sites 
> in Michigan that pose a serious threat to public health and impede 
> local economic development.†  As members of Michiganís environmental 
> community, we urge you to support efforts in Congress to reinstate the 
> polluter pays tax, to ensure the clean up of these sites under the 
> Superfund program.
> †
> At Superfund sites throughout Michigan, dangerous substances 
> contaminate nearby wells, rivers, yards and playgrounds, including 
> lead, arsenic, mercury, benzene, asbestos, TCE, PCBs and dioxin. Just 
> two weeks ago, the Associated Press reported†that a Superfund site 
> along the Shiawassee River in Livingston County still contains 
> dangerous levels of PCBs. This pollution can have serious consequences 
> for public health, and can lead to real economic hardship for Michigan 
> communities, with restrictions on water use, gardening, recreation, 
> and the economic losses resulting from declining property values and 
> contaminated land left idle.†
>  †
> A recent report from the Environmental Protection Agencyís Inspector 
> General reveals that in recent years, a funding shortfall has slowed 
> the clean up of many Superfund sites. At the same time, the burden for 
> cleaning up these sites has increasingly shifted from the polluting 
> industries to ordinary taxpayers.
> †
> We must make sure Michiganís Superfund sites receive the funds 
> necessary to prevent toxic pollution from threatening the health and 
> well-being of Michigan citizens.† By reinstating the Superfund tax on 
> the petrochemical industry and other large businesses, we can provide 
> for a dedicated source of money to clean up these sites, at no 
> additional cost to Michigan families or small businesses.† Michigan's 
> Superfund sites need attention now, and polluters should pay their 
> fair share.† We urge you to support reinstatement of the Superfund 
> polluter pays tax.
> †
> Sincerely,
> †
> †
> †

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