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The state is in a terrible budget mess and
Jennifer Granholm is still running a PR operation
with "Clean Corporate Citizens" to make
industry look good, even as the MDEQ is
running out of money to do basic water regulation.

If Engler hadn't started CCC, the Democratic Leadership
Council would think up such a thing.....exactly the kind of thing that is
wrong with Democrats these days, as Howard Dean
points out.

Here Granholm pronounces that Dow Corning is
a Clean Corporate operation....I guess Granholm doesn't
have any experience with those leaking breast implants
that Dow used to manufacture.  [although I must
disclose here that Dow Corning silicone bathtub caulk
is a very good product I've used in the past].

March 9, 2004

Contact:  Patricia Spitzley
                (517) 241-7397

Dow Corning - Midland becomes 88th Clean Corporate Citizen

Today Governor Jennifer M. Granholm and Department of Environmental
Quality Director Steven E. Chester announce that Dow Corning Midland has
earned the distinction of becoming Michigan's 88th Clean Corporate
Citizen (C3).

Dow Corning is a joint venture between Corning Glass and the Dow
Chemical Company.  This Midland location is the first plant to open
under the name of Dow Corning.  It occupies 489 acres of which about 267
acres are in active use for plant operations.  The balance of property
is primarily wooded and supports a herd of deer.

Activities here include research and development activities; basic
manufacturing of built silicon-based intermediates; and production of
specialty chemical products used in the polymer, rubber, paper, personal
care, medical, and semiconductor industries.

"This C3 designation is an opportunity to recognize Dow
Corning-Midland's commitment to adopt the practice of pollution
prevention and the concepts of environmental stewardship into their
corporate culture," said Governor Granholm.  I want to specifically
recognize the employees at the plant who have worked hard to achieve
this important designation."

"The Dow Corning Midland plant is to be commended for their
environmental stewardship commitment," said DEQ Director Chester.
"This is a monumental accomplishment for a 267 acre operation which
includes research and development, manufacturing of silicon-based
products, and the production of specialty chemical products."

Ian O'Neil, Midland Site Manager, said. "Our environmental
sustainability focus is to reduce the environmental impact and improve
the health and safety aspects of our current and future operations,
products, and services.  Achieving the Clean Corporate Citizen status
recognizes this effort and is a proud moment for the site."

Dow Corning's environmental management system has evolved over a
number of years to the point where it now permeates all sectors of the
company's global operations.  Beginning with the creation and
evaluation of new products, through design and scale-up of manufacturing
processes, to product distribution and waste management; potential
environmental impacts are considered and addressed for all aspects of
the operation.  They are guided by the operating principles of the
American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care Management Code, which
includes standards for product stewardship, transportation, and
pollution prevention.

To qualify for a Clean Corporate Citizen designation, candidates must
adopt a facility-specific environmental management system and active
pollution prevention initiatives, and have a consistent record of
compliance with applicable environmental requirements.  Clean Corporate
Citizens are eligible for certain regulatory benefits under the
state's environmental programs, including expedited permit
approval.  The program is open to establishments regulated under any of
Michigan's environmental statutes.  Designations are valid for one
year and must be renewed annually.


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