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E-M:/ Tondu suffers a blow

Great news from the Manistee City Counsel who met last night to discuss the Tondu Corporation's offer of $2 Million annual contribution.

A proposal which could have pumped millions of dollars into an area city has been rejected. The Tondu Corporation is proposing to build a $700 million dollar coal burning power plant in the city of Manistee. That plant may be municipally owned and by law, would then be tax exempt. The Tondu Corporation was proposing to make a two million dollar annual contribution to the city, along with other possibilities of profit sharing. But the Manistee city council rejected a community service fee offer by a vote of six to one. Council members say the amount of money may not have been enough to compensate for the negative tourism, unknown health and environmental impacts and loss of development caused by such a facility.

The Manistee City Planning Commission will meet this Thursday evening for their working meeting on this issue and local residents as well as members from Manistee Citizens For Responsible Development, Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, Aurora Association and Sierra Club will attend the meeting.

~Monica Evans, Traverse Group ofthe Sierra Club