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E-M:/ NRDC's New Action Fund....against Energy Bill

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 20:02:35 -0500 (EST)
From: "John Adams, NRDC ACTION FUND" <members@nrdcaction.org>
To: ajs@sagady.com
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Dear NRDC Member,

The decisive vote is at hand in our year-long battle to stop the Bush-Cheney
energy bill.

A few weeks ago, NRDC Trustee Robert Redford sent you an email explaining that
if this disastrous bill passes, America's biggest energy companies will 
start drilling
their way through our last wild places . . . building risky nuclear power 
plants in
our backyards . . . and burning massive quantities of dirty coal that will 
countless Americans.

Senate leaders are promising to hold their floor vote on this devastating 
bill in the
next two weeks!

We must have your immediate financial support if we are to alert millions of
Americans to this looming disaster and mobilize massive grassroots pressure on
senators in all 50 states.

Please go to https://www.nrdcactionfund.org/energyBill/donate.asp
to make an Emergency Contribution to defeat this pro-polluter legislation.

Every single contribution will make a huge difference in our all-out fight 
to stop a
bill that would make oil and gas drilling top priority across the West, 
even in
national treasures like Greater Yellowstone . . . let the oil and gas 
industry evade
clean water laws . . . and shield nuclear companies from full liability in 
the event of
a catastrophic nuclear meltdown!

In fact, the Bush-Cheney energy bill is so far-reaching in its corporate 
and so unimaginably destructive to our health and natural heritage that we are
taking the unprecedented step of setting up an entirely new arm of the Natural
Resources Defense Council to defeat it.

Let me explain why your support of the new NRDC ACTION FUND is so vitally

When NRDC was founded 34 years ago as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, our
budget for lobbying Congress on behalf of the environment was -- and still 
is --
strictly limited by federal law. For three decades, we've stayed within 
those tight
limits, fighting effectively on your behalf in Congress.

But President Bush has changed the rules of the political game by launching 
most sweeping attack on bedrock environmental laws in modern American history.
Doing battle with this White House under the older, restrictive government 
rules is
no longer an option.

That's why, to launch our massive counterattack, we have established the NRDC
ACTION FUND as a separate 501(c)(4) organization that is free to educate and
mobilize the public in the face of legislative threats and aggressively 
lobby in
Congress for the sake of our environment.

But here's the best part: the new NRDC ACTION FUND can legally raise and spend
as much money as we deem necessary to defeat President Bush's horrendous
energy bill.

I'm sending this letter to one million environmentally concerned citizens 
like you.
Just imagine the political earthquake if you and every one of those people 
made a
donation today of $25 to the NRDC ACTION FUND.

That kind of environmental war chest -- $25 million!! -- would scare the 
daylights out of George Bush, Halliburton, ExxonMobil and every other 
of our environment.

Why? Because, for the first time ever, environmentalists would be doing 
battle in
Congress on equal footing with the fat-cat corporations that have bought 
and paid
for this president's policies.

Think of it: for only $25, you can give corporate America a lesson in 
they'll never forget! With millions of us working together, we will not 
only defeat
this energy bill, we also have a very real chance to break Big Oil's 
stranglehold on
our nation's energy future.

If you doubt it, let me remind you that our formidable people-power has 
achieved the impossible. Last fall, when passage of the Bush-Cheney energy 
seemed like a done deal, NRDC, working under the tighter rules, used the media
and Internet to trigger a national tidal wave of public opposition that 
sank the
energy bill before it could be voted on!

But round two in this historic fight promises to be even tougher -- and 
much more
expensive. Here's why: The White House and Senate leaders now realize they
won't be able to pass the energy bill in its current form.

So they're giving the "old" energy bill a new number (S.2095) and a new 
(they're calling it a "jobs creation bill"), and they've tricked it up with 
gimmicks to hide the billions in corporate pork that were in the original 

Well, they can dress up this bill all they like but the NRDC ACTION FUND is 
to broadcast the truth: this is the same multi-billion-dollar handout to 
giants that will plunder our last wildlands . . . poison our air . . . 
worsen global
warming . . . and keep our energy supply chained to the Persian Gulf.

Time is short. Senate leaders are attempting to rush this stealth bill past 
American people before they can even find out what's in it.

That means the NRDC ACTION FUND needs your donation right now -- today! -- in
order to launch a swift and effective counterattack. Please go to
to contribute your $25 -- even more if you possibly can.

Your gift will enable us to arm millions of Americans with the damning 
facts about
the Bush-Cheney energy bill . . . expose those senators who have fronted 
for the
energy industry . . . and mobilize massive grassroots pressure on all 100 
when this disastrous bill comes to the floor for a vote.

Thanks to the NRDC ACTION FUND, we now have the means to aggressively fight
back in Congress with all of the resources that this historic campaign 
deserves. We
can win. But the money to make it happen must come from millions of concerned
Americans like you.

Please, give today and help us break Big Oil's stranglehold on our environment
and on our future.

Thank you.


John H. Adams
NRDC Action Fund

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