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Remove good healthy clean water from the one place it’s most protected, and add it to a lake where it will immediately be polluted??  What happens if the lake level continues to drop due anyway?  How long would this remedy go on?  


This is my personal opinion only – but this seems as logical to me as diverting water from the Colorado River in order to water golf courses in the desert.  While I understand the frustration the lake property owners must feel in losing what they base their home values on, and their quality of life – I just feel this is a completely wasteful use of Michigan’s most precious resource – our water.  








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FYI from Tom,
1,200 gallons a minute from a deep aquifer just to fill a lake?  What classification would this fall under in the potential future regulations under debate (residential, commercial, recreation, others)?  I thought of "aquatic plant irrigation", but I thought that may be a bit innovative.

Water-level boost sought for 2 lakes

Residents have asked the county drain commissioner to raise Myers and Bostwick lakes near Rockford by replenishing them with water from wells.
It's like filling the pool with a hose -- a big hose, of course.