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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 08:28:26 -0500
Subject: News Release - Michigan to receive Emerald Ash Borer funding

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March 22, 2004                                                                                          Sara Linsmeier-Wurfel


Michigan to receive Emerald Ash Borer funding

LANSING – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today announced Michigan has received word that its request for much-needed federal funding and resources for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) eradication efforts has been granted and is forthcoming.
“Michigan did not volunteer to be the frontline of defense against this destructive invader, but is now fully engaged in a critical battle to stop its spread and save the ash resources of Michigan and beyond,” Granholm said. “We thank the U.S. Department of Agriculture for recognizing and supporting this dire need, and our Congressional delegation from both sides of the aisle for all of their assistance in helping make this funding a reality.”
USDA indicated that they have allocated $28.2 million in federal funding for the remainder of 2004. Of that, agency efforts underway in Michigan are expected to receive the vast majority. Earlier this year, the state received approximately $11 million for its EAB efforts, but the funding was slated to run out at the end of April, just before the start of the insect’s emergence when containment actions are most critical.
Granholm noted that the funding will be used by the state’s Emerald Ash Borer Task Force to continue implementing the state’s control and eradication strategy, developed by some of the nation’s best scientific minds. In particular, the resources will initially help identify and implement activities to: aggressively eradicate “outlier” EAB populations (isolated pockets of infestation apart from the known generally infested area resulting from artificial movement rather than natural spread); enhance and expand the survey program to locate the “leading edge” of EAB infestation; and ensure compliance with the quarantine restricting movement of ash trees, materials and firewood to prevent any further spread of EAB.
The resources will also be used to provide continued sanitation and disposal in the “core” or known generally infested area; develop containment strategies; continue research to identify and develop tools that can aid in the control and eradication of the insect; ensure community and
homeowner education, outreach and awareness; and facilitate tree restoration/replacement wherever possible.
Michigan has been working to detect, contain and eradicate EAB – an invasive insect from Asia never before found on the North American continent – since its initial discovery in the summer of 2002. The pest causes great mortality in ash trees and, to date, has killed nearly six million ash trees in the southeastern part of the state. Michigan is home to an estimated 700 million ash trees total.
For more information on EAB and the state’s efforts, please visit www.michigan.gov/mda and click on "Emerald Ash Borer" in the Spotlight section.


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