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E-M:/ Macomb Compost Operation Busted

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March 31, 2004

Contact:  Patricia Spitzley
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Lawsuit Filed Against a Macomb Township Composting Facility

The Department of Attorney General, on behalf of the Department of
Environmental Quality, has filed a civil lawsuit against King of the
Wind Farms, Inc. (KOTW) located in Macomb Township, Macomb County.  The
complaint, filed Monday, March 29, alleges that KOTW violated several
environmental statutes related to air pollution control, water resource
protection, and solid waste management requirements resulting from the
mismanagement of its composting facility.  The complaint requests that
the court order KOTW to comply with the various environmental
regulations, operate the compost facility in a manner such that it
doesn't cause a nuisance, and pay appropriate civil fines for the

Since March 2003, the DEQ has received and logged over 400 complaints
of foul odors emanating from the Macomb Township facility.  Staff
continued to receive numerous complaints on a weekly basis.  On nine
separate occasions, the DEQ staff has observed and documented odorous
conditions sufficient to unreasonably interfere with the comfortable
enjoyment of life and property in violation of Michigan's Air
Pollution Control rules.  DEQ staff has also sampled storm water
discharges from the KOTW facility that have demonstrated water
contaminants at levels potentially injurious to waters of the state.  In
addition, KOTW has on two separate occasions placed material in a
floodplain without prior authorization from the DEQ.  Previous DEQ
attempts to resolve these issues with KOTW amicably have failed to
produce an agreement.

"I applaud staff's efforts in investigating this issue," said DEQ
Director Steven E. Chester.  "Our agency must take the lead in
protecting Michigan's air and water to ensure that facilities such as
this one are not a nuisance to the surrounding community."


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