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E-M:/ Register for the Forest Protection Week in DC!

Subject:  Register for the Forest Protection Week in DC, May 31- June 4,

You are invited to attend the annual Forest Protection Week in Washington,
DC, from May 31-June 4th.  With the recent enactment of the damaging Healthy
Forests Restoration Act, and continuing attacks on our public forests by the
Bush Administration, now is a critical time to educate Members of Congress
about what's at stake and to urge them to help counter these attacks.

Your elected leaders need to hear directly from you about how the Bush
Administration's forest policies are affecting forests in your area.  This
year, the Forest Protection Week will be focused on educating Members of
Congress about the harmful cumulative impacts of Bush Administration
policies nationwide and specifically about what is a stake on your forest,
and in your region. We encourage you to bring photographs and other visuals
to show how these policies are being played out on the ground. We also hope
you will bring beautiful photos to illustrate what exactly is at stake.
Come to talk about your forests, and meet like-minded folks from across the country!
A fun and exciting chance to make a difference for forests. Please see registration
information below.
Lois Norrgard
American Lands / Upper Midwest
ph/fx: 952-881-7282

Last year's Forest Protection Week was hugely successful in reaching
hundreds of members of Congress and we expect an even larger turnout this
year! The strength of Forest Protection Week is in our numbers and now is a
critical time to join forces and educate Congress about the importance of
our national forests and how their decisions can impact our natural heritage
for better of for worse for years to come.  Please join us!

Register for the Forest Protection Week

You can make a big difference by coming to Washington.  In addition, you
will gain valuable experience and contacts with key lawmakers that could
prove beneficial in future efforts.  To attend the Forest Protection Week,
please e-mail the registration form below to one of the contacts listed,
depending on your location. You will be coordinating with them to schedule
meetings on Capitol Hill. 


Travel scholarships will be available to those with financial need up to
half airfare or other transportation such as gas reimbursement, bus or train
ticket. In order to receive a scholarship, activists must be in DC for three
full days. 


We have reserved the William Penn House on Capitol Hill as an affordable and
convenient base for your Forest Protection Week visit. The William Penn
House offers shared accommodations in rooms with 4-10 beds each and is just
a few minutes walk to the Congressional office buildings.  To ensure that
everyone has a good, convenient place to stay, American Lands has reserved
the entire facility for the duration of the week. The cost per night to you
will be  approximately $23. In order for us to keep the cost low, we ask
that you please register for the Penn House. .  You will be amongst other
Forest Protection Week colleagues. Rooms are same sex, reservations include
continental breakfast, and the staff is very friendly and responsive.
There are a few other low-cost housing options in the area but the Penn
House is by far the best value and most convenient. Also, there are only a
very limited number of home stays available. American Lands will be handling
the registration for the Penn House. Please submit your registration form

Forest Protection Week Schedule

Issue briefing and lobby training: On Monday, May 31st, there will be an
issue briefing and lobby training from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.  American Lands
strongly encourages everyone to be at this training where you will receive
your packets for the week, information on weekly activities and meetings,
and to coordinate hill meetings.  Whether you have lobbied before or not,
the issue briefing and lobby training is an important opportunity to gather
as a group to be briefed on the issues and asks that we will be working on
for the week.  A light dinner or snacks will be provided at the training.
Location to be announced.

Hitting the Hill:  Tuesday June 1st - Friday June 4th, activists will meet
with Members of Congress and their staff as well as Forest Service personnel
and Administration officials. We ask that you work with other activists
coming from your state to schedule meetings with your entire Congressional
delegation - both House and Senate.  American Lands Alliance will schedule
meetings with the Administration.  We will be in contact with you to help
you get started.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. we ask everyone to join
us for a debriefing meeting so we can share updates and information from our
meetings that may affect the next days' visits. On Friday evening we will
have a party to celebrate our efforts. You will receive meeting locations,
directions and other important information by mid-May. 

This year's Forest Protection Week is being held in conjunction with
Heartwood's 14th Annual Forest Council Gathering, which will take place at
the Caroline Furnace camp in Fort Valley, Virginia, May 28-31, 2004.  The
theme of this years Forest Council will be "Defending Forests, Defending
Freedom: with Liberty and Justice for All." This will be an exciting,
energizing gathering in a beautiful location featuring nationally known
speakers and expert activists, workshop and strategy sessions, great music,
food and rejuvenation! The conclusion of the Forest Council at mid-day on
Monday the 31st coincides conveniently with the beginning of Forest
Protection Week lobby training from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in Washington, DC the
same day.
For more information about the Forest Council Gathering, please click here.

Arriving in DC
If you are flying into Washington DC on Monday the 31st, please arrive by
2pm so you can be at the training by 4 p.m. It takes about 1.5 hours to get
to DC from Baltimore. If you are coming directly from the Heartwood Forest
Council, please arrive no later than 3:30 p.m. on Monday May 31st, as the
training will begin promptly at 4:00p.m.

We encourage you to participate in both events and strongly recommend
attending the Forest Protection Week Monday training session before lobbying
begins on Tuesday June 1st.

Please fill out the registration form and email it to the appropriate
organizer listed below.













The cost is $23 per day. Number of days that you will be staying at the
William Penn House ____. Total amount of check: $____.

Please make the check out to American Lands Alliance, and send it to:

Lisa Dix
American Lands Alliance
726 7th St., SE
Washington, DC  20003

Please send your form to:

WI, MN, IA, MI:  contact Lois Norrgard, Upper Midwest Organizer, at
952-881-7282 or lnorrgard@americanlands.org

We look forward to seeing you in June!