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At 05:21 PM 04/20/2004, you wrote:

>April 20, 2004
>Republican lawmakers introduce environmental stewardship proposals
>A group of state House Republicans today unveiled legislative proposals 
>that balance the need to preserve the environment and protect the rights 
>of Michigan residents.
>The proposals, announced at a Lansing news conference by Reps. Brian 
>Palmer, Tom Casperson, John Moolenaar, John Pastor and Fulton Sheen, focus 
>on four main areas: air quality; preserving wetlands; streamlining the 
>permitting process; and involving residents in environmental matters.

It looks like Michigan House Republicans are adopting the George
Bush "Big Lie Technique" on environment (and practically everything else
these days).   Lie about environment, resource protection, job creation, the
economy, war, the deficit, cutting taxes for the rich, etc. etc. etc.

>Bills in the package:
>Adopt the federal Maximum Available Control Technology standards for air 
This looks like a case of the sponsor choosing to ignore the fact that
Michigan administrative regulations already provide that technology
based control requirements in permits reflect the federal MACT standards when
they are promulgated as final regulations.

However, the sponsor may be deceptive if this is all aimed at trashing 
Michigan's system of assessing the public health and environmental impact 
of airborne toxic
pollution.....rules which work and which have been in place since the
eighties and go beyond minimum technology-based control requirements.
>and reduce the amount of time it takes to process air permits;
This is frequently a problem of the applicant failing to submit
complete applications.   There are also resource problems created by
a system in which there is no permit application fee to pay
all of the costs of air pollution permit reviews.

Delays can also be caused by the complexity of the processes being
permitted and insufficient information about processes, control technology,
emissions, pollutants, etc.
>Create a state Department of Environmental Quality ombudsman to give 
>people a place to get a fair hearing, and institute a public advisory 
>commission to give residents a voice in environmental affairs;
This will be just window dressing unless these groups have actual authority
over permit issuance, appeals and/or enforcement matters.

>The group's announcement regarding clean air legislation is timely 
>considering the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's recent declaration 
>that 25 Michigan counties are in violation of federal ground level ozone 

Since the Michigan's Air Toxics Program has nothing at
all to do with the control of ozone precursors and non-attainment designations,
this is again a deceptive proposal.

....Kind of sounds like the "U.S. Patriot Act approach" to 
read the bill but pass a bunch of crap not knowing what it is and what
its effects are.

If Michigan Republicans want something useful to do to address the
ozone air pollution problem and to actually be so-called "stewards of the
environment" then there is plenty to do.   The most basic thing that would
mean a lot would be to require gasoline stations in Southeastern Michigan
and Western Michigan to install gas tank filling vapor control technology.
Many other states impose these controls and it would eliminate tons of
volatile organic compound emissions every day.

>"Replacing Michigan's Air Toxics program with the federally adopted 
>Maximum Available Control Technology standards will help keep the state's 
>air quality standards high while reducing the amount of time it takes the 
>DEQ to process air permits," said Sheen, R-Plainwell.

Sheen is either ignorant or lying....what is it going to be?   Since, MACT 
are already required by federal law and regulation and Michigan regulation
already require that the decision for technology based control decisions 
MACT when such regulations are in final form....what possibly could Sheen be

Either he wants to trash Michigan's requirement for Best Available Control
Technology for Toxics when there is no finally promulgated federal MACT 

....he wants to trash the ability of the state to impose an emission 
that is more stringent than minimum technology-based control requirements
because a new or modified air pollution source would otherwise cause the 

....excessive risk of cancer incidence greater than 1 in a million or 1 in 
....air pollution which poses risks of neurotoxicity, pulmonary irritation,
     teratogenicity [fetal defects-toxicity], and other deleterious 
non-cancer effects
....air pollution which poisons the environment by increasing toxicants in 
fish and

I sure do hate politicians that lie through their teeth and pretend somehow
they are "stewards of the environment".....a pox on all their houses!

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