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E-M:/ Mercury pollution debate

The 4/25/04 Sunday Detroit paper had point and counter point mercury articles in thier editorial section.  Thank you Lana Pollack.

Get tough on toxic emissions by requiring their elimination by 2020 to protect public health - 4/25/04  -
By Lana Pollack

How power plants should reduce mercury pollution

The story of Michigan’s mercury emissions is tragic — if too familiar. Like an earlier fight when the oil industry did everything in its power to retain the right to sell leaded gasoline, today’s electric power industry is battling to delay and weaken a phase-out of toxic mercury.

http://www.detnews.com/2004/editorial/0404/25/a17-132511.htm Reduce toxic emissions by letting utilities trade credits for emissions to keep costs low - 4/25/04 
By S. Komar Kawatra

How power plants should reduce mercury pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a clean air program that may well be the most important environmental initiative of the year. It provides a rational approach to reducing emissions from power plants, easing the cost of compliance and making environmental controls reflect what industry and the American people really want.