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E-M:/ School Bus special on tonight

Title: School Bus special on tonight
This evening, on both the 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm news, WDIV (Channel 4 News, Detroit) will televise a special on diesel-powered school buses.  EMEAC and the Ecology Center recently partnered with the Boston-based Clean Air Task Force and Ann Arbor Public Schools to test buses currently in service in Ann Arbor for exhaust particulates inside and outside the cabin, then tested with pollution control equipment installed on the buses.  WDIV filmed the testing and will report on how it was done and preliminary results.

The special will also include interviews of school children and their parents in Oakland County communities that have adopted anti-idling policies to reduce particulates, as well as interviews with faculty members at U of M about asthma and the connection to air quality.

There will be a live interview  with Ann Arbor's transportation director on Friday at 6:00 am  and a wrap up Friday at 5:00 pm . 

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