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E-M:/ FW: Sierra Student Coalition Summer College Activist Training Program

Michigan Folks:  This activist training is for all high school and college-age students, I highly recommend it for any student who wants to learn to organize on environmental issues.  See the bottom of the note for whom to contact, as the Mackinac Chapter is not in charge of this one! 


Happy Spring! 




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Subject: Sierra Student Coalition Summer College Activist Training Program


Hi Rita,


Thanks a million for helping to spread the word to Michigan students about our summer activist training program. I really appreciate your help!

For the Earth,





Learn How to Deal Out a Serious Smackdown to Corporate Polluters and the
Bush Administration in 7 Bucolic Summer Days!

Attend the Sierra Student Coalition's College Environmental Activist Training Program in the Poconos (Northeastern Pennsylvania) from May 17-23.                 
Fed up with the Bush Administration's assault on the environment?

Ready to throw a wrench in Big Businesses anti-environmental agenda?

Itching to join the fight for wilderness?                                                    
Whether you're just getting involved or looking to hone your skills as an
organizer, the SSC's summer training is for you.                         
Organizing is a skill like any other and it can be learned.
Join college activists from across the East Coast for 7 days in the Poconos,
learning kick-ass organizing skills, discussing the issues, eating great
veggie and vegan food, swimming, hiking, and of course spending time with
some of the coolest folks on the planet.                 
Don't wait! Register Now!
Visit www.ssc.org. The program is limited to 40 participants so register
online today. The deadline is May 1. The cost of the program is $78. If
you're not a Sierra Club member, you'll need to join (either at the training
or online). You can pay with a credit card through our secure system, or
send a check to 408 C St NE, Washington, DC 20002. Checks should be made out
to the Sierra Student Coalition.                 
Please don't let money concerns be a reason not to apply. If you'd like to
apply for a need based fee waiver or a travel scholarship, please call Erika
Park at the SSC's national office at 1-888-JOIN-
What do we cover?                                                          
Organizing 101         
How to start and run an effective organization. We cover everything from
recruiting folks for the first meeting, to running a meeting, to developing
new leaders to ensure that your organization persists from year to year.   
Communication Skills
How to say what you mean with confidence and persuasion be it to the media,
an elected official, the public and your fellow
Campaign Organizing
How to plan, implement, and run an effective environmental campaign. We
teach the most essential skills needed to effect real social and
environmental change.                                                       
Environmental Issues    
Once you have the skills, we help you find an issue you would like to use  
them for -- public lands, global warming, trade, human rights and the
environment, you name
Of course, the program isn't all work and no play. No way. The week is
filled with hikes, swimming, good veggie and vegan food, and (as we said
before) some of the coolest folks on
The program, May 17 - 23, will be held at the Kirkwood Retreat Center,
nestled in a hidden valley in the foothills of the Poconos near Stroudburg,
PA. Hiking trails wind through laurel hammocks, pine forests, and strands of

Please contact Rachel Ackoff at rachel.ackoff@ssc.org or 909.964.9547 with

See you in the Poconos!

**Please Forward Widely**

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