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Re: E-M:/ President Bush in Sterling Heights

Enviro-Mich message from Cnsrvativ@aol.com

Actually, I was being facetious.  It just seemed that it might be an 
appropriate place to demonstrate--although that American right continues to be 
whittled away by the Bush administration with the imposition of so-called "free 
speech zones".  President Bush is a pseudo-conservative (largest federal debt in 
the history of the U.S., etc, etc.), and is merely a pawn of the far-right 
zealots who have hijacked the Republican Party.  They are amoral, power hungry, 
profiteers who are doing more to damage this country than any terrorist possibly 
could.  The best way to save the Republican Party is to vote against all 
present-day Republicans.  Only then will moderation return IMO.

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