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Re: E-M:/ Peg Bostwick

I can offer some portions if her bio.  I have known (and for many years worked with) Peg since she was a Student Assistant with the DNR so I have knowledge about much of her background.
Peg joined the DNR as an Aquatic Biologist with the Inland Lake Management Unit after obtaining her degree from MSU.  She conducted lake studies and later, with a vengeance, ruled over the Aquatic Nuisance Control Program (a program primarily aimed at permitting the use of aquatic herbicides).  She then took on the job as the 404 Coordinator.
As the 404 coordinator, she was the conscious of the agency, and gained the confidence and the trust of the front offices of both the DNR, and the DEQ after the split, as well as the Governor's Offices and the Legislature.  She also made friends with and helped formed the direction of many federal employees in areas of wetland protection, restoration, and education.  Many of the grants obtained by state, local, and environmental groups in these efforts were obtained thorough her efforts. 
On a personal note, she is the mother of two children, Jamie, who is a student at Lansing Community College, and Daniel, who will soon become a student at Michigan State.  Her husband, Joe, is a fisheries biologist who is working with the state.  They live on a farm in Riley Township in Clinton County where the raise a rare breed of sheep.  Peg spins wool with a group of others and shares birthing duties of the kids with Joe, which I assume that they're long done with for another year.     
As a testimonial, I can say that she's smart, focussed, extraordinarily hard working, creative, and dedicated.  She has faced, and overcome, intense levels of problems and difficulties.  She is extremely deserving of this award because folks, nobody does it better.
Steve Sadewasser