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Re: E-M:/ RE: / Macomb Township - King of the Wind faces fines

I have been involved with King of the Wind Farms composting for a long time (read that as before DNR was split into DEQ and DNR), starting back when I was still Exec Sec of the Michigan Toxic Substance Control Commission in 1988.  As a state employee (not receiving payment from King of the Wind Farms) I have testified or given depositions on behalf of King of the Wind Farms more than once and in all cases, Macomb Twp has lost out, and in my opinion correctly.  Since my retirement, I have served as a consultant to King of the Wind Farms.  Because of my involvement, I have not commented on Enviro-Mich up until this point.  
Some of the twp officials have a financial interest in development acreage adjacent to the KOTW Farms and it appears clear that they have encouraged the neighbors to flood the DEQ and MDA with odor complaints even on days when the wind direction would preclude odors from KOTW.  I have been on site when the compost materials have been moved and screened and the odors are typical of well run compost operations.  There have no doubt been legitimate odor complaints, but in today's rural residential (move out from the city) society farm odors are not part of many people's experience base and therefore a problem.
What you read in the paper does not reflect all that has occurred. I will share some thoughts later on why I think MDA and MDEQ have been reluctant to accept "regulatory" authority.  In my opinion they dumped the matter of large scale composting back and forth, with neither agency accepting nor having necessary knowledge base to make helpful corrective suggestions to any compost operation.