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E-M:/ EPA Grant on Detroit Garbage Trucks

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EPA awards Great Cities grant to Detroit to retrofit diesel-fueled garbage

CHICAGO (May 20, 2004) -- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5
has kicked off its Great Cities Partnership Program in Detroit by awarding
the city a $100,000 grant to retrofit its diesel-fueled garbage trucks to
cut air pollution from their exhausts.

EPA's Acting Regional Administrator Bharat Mathur presented a $100,000
check to Detroit's Chief Development Officer Walter C. Watkins Jr. today
at Russell Ferry Yard.

"Retrofitting vehicles such as garbage trucks is an important part of
EPA's overall strategy to clean up diesel exhausts," Mathur said.  "EPA
believes that your success in reducing pollution from diesel engines will
be duplicated by other cities throughout the nation.  That will mean more
breathable air for millions."

"Mayor Kilpatrick and the city of Detroit are pleased to receive this
grant from EPA," Watkins said.  "The health of our citizens is a paramount
interest for us, and we are confident that this technology will benefit
our workers and the community at large."

In April, EPA announced a new, tougher standard for ground-level ozone
called the Clean Air Ozone Rule   one of the Clean Air Rules of 2004   and
Detroit was one of the major cities in non-attainment of this new
eight-hour ozone standard.  Over the next few years, EPA will be working
with state and local officials to help the Detroit area put programs into
place that will reduce emissions that lead to the formation of
ground-level ozone.  The Detroit garbage-truck retrofit project will
address the area's non-attainment status with ozone and fine particulate

The project will retrofit 25-40 city garbage trucks with oxidation
converters to cut exhaust emissions.  Twenty-five garbage trucks now emit
about 200 tons of air pollutants a year.  Retrofitting the trucks will cut
particulate matter by 30 percent, hydrocarbons and toxics by 50 percent,
carbon monoxide by 30 percent and nitrogen oxides by 40 percent.  It will
also be used to develop and implement an anti-idling ordinance in the city
and an outreach and education program.

The Great Cities Partnership Program focuses on one major city in each of
the six Region 5 states.  The cities are Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit,
Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

The program is designed to help improve the quality of life, revitalize
neighborhoods and communities, improve energy efficiency and restore the
health of watersheds and ecosystems.  EPA's goal is to achieve tangible
environmental results in each of the six Great Cities in one year or less.

More information on EPA's clean diesel programs is at

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