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Re: E-M:/ after-the-fact destruction, er, permits

In my experiences, this problem is rampant in Michigan.
The problems exist at local, county and state level departments charged with the public welfare (hah).
This is in the past, and in the present.  The power of developers to walk over or around even basic
regulations is truly disgusting.
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Subject: Re: E-M:/ after-the-fact destruction, er, permits

The example at Elk Lake is not new.  The community around White Lake in Muskegon County has watched "after-the-fact" in action for decades with marina and condo developments.  This is also done in addition to the mistakes of the DEQ or DNR.  The help of the local politicians on behalf of the developers is a big factor.  The "after-the-fact" can take several forms additional to filling wetlands.
Example: At the West end of White Lake on the South side of the channel is a 3-story condo development that not only ignored the setback requirements of local township zoning, but actually extended to place the building on the county road right-of-way while the local township officials looked the other way.  This is one of those 10# in a 5# sack developments.  If any working class citizen in the township would build structure outside of zoning regulations they would be notified and the structure torn down and moved.  However, if you have local political supporters, the township will wink and collect the higher taxes.  The political Muskegon County Road Commission will also just slap on the wrist and it is fine build on top of the county road.  The result is the public loses full access of water access at a road end and the parking promised as a GLFT grant requirement will never be filled.  This is all done to violate the Public Trust, restrict the public from water access, and help the rich class developers.