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Humbug Island and Humbug Marsh will be transferred from the Trust for
Public Lands to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Apparently the State
in this transfer to the Feds -- hence the AP story.

But the 40 acres immediately north and contiguous to the Humbug complex,
the former Chrysler Paint Plant, is contaminated and can not be held by the
USFWS. So Wayne County has agreed to be the deed holder, and will lease it

The 40 acres will be capped with clean fill, and will house the headquarters
for the International Wildlife Refuge. This property may have parking lots,
visitors centers, interpretive centers, river lookouts, canoe and kayak
launches into the still and shallow waters of Humbug, etc..  The final
layout is not yet determined.

At a critical moment in the struggle to Save Humbug Marsh,  Congressman John
Dingell  arranged for the purchase of this 40 acres which may have been
needed for developers to create a road around wetlands to a bridge over to
Humbug Island, the most economically valuable part of the complex.  It also
provides uplands that may be used flexibly for visitors.

Blair Mc Gowan

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> Enviro-Mich message from fred cowles <fecowles@yahoo.com>
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> This says that Humbug will be owned by the federal
> government. An earlier one said that Wayne County will
> lease it to the feds for a dollar a year. Does anyone
> know what is really going on?
> ======== Fred

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