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E-M:/ Midland and Downstream Residents: Demand Soil Testing May 26!!

To Midland Residents and all those living Downstream: 


The time to speak out is NOW about the City of Midland and Dow Chemical’s ubiquitous dioxin contamination and what to do about it.  The City of Midland is holding a meeting on Wednesday May 26 at 7pm to discuss with the community the issues related to soil dioxin testing within the City.   


I urge Midland residents and all citizens LOCATED DOWNSTREAM to attend this meeting and to demand soil testing be done.  The course followed in Midland will determine whether or not the Tittabawassee River Floodplain will remain a source of dioxin to all residents living downstream.  Dioxin deposited onto the floodplain is released into the river with every rain event, and continues to contaminate areas downstream, including the Saginaw River, Saginaw Bay, and Lake Huron.  Michigan cannot continue to act as if this horrendous situation doesn’t exist. 


-Rita Jack

Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter



The following is from the website of the City of Midland:  http://www.midland-mi.org/government/Dioxin/dioxinhome.htm


From the website: 

Dioxin Contamination Issues in Midland

"The citizens of Midland will soon be involved in a study of dioxin soil contamination in our community that will raise many issues about what these studies mean to personal health and property.


To inform Midland residents about this issue and to prepare them for what the testing may mean to them, the City of Midland will sponsor a Community Meeting on Dioxin in Midland on Wednesday, May 26, at 7 p.m., at the Midland Center for the Arts auditorium.


City of Midland property owners are encouraged to attend this meeting to have their questions and concerns answered by leading officials from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, The Dow Chemical Company, the Midland County Health Department and the City of Midland and its toxicology consultants. “


Midland Dioxin Issue/History Explained

See the ad here:  http://www.midland-mi.org/government/Dioxin/DioxinAd-Screen.pdf

“To help Midland citizens better understand the dioxin issue within our community, the City of Midland has published a full-page advertisement that appears in the Sunday, May 9 edition of the Midland Daily News answering some key questions about dioxin as it involves Midland. “








Michigan’s DEQ has authority by USEPA to implement and enforce Dow Chemical’s operating license. Dow’s license stipulates that soil sampling for dioxin must be done in the City of Midland as well as in the Tittabawassee River Floodplain. Dow’s license requires them to address contamination and remediation downstream to the Saginaw Bay.  For over 25 years, using the political process, the City of Midland has fended off both state and federal agencies from ascertaining the extent and concentrations of dioxin in the city of Midland, and to date only a few sites have been sampled. Recently the City of Midland retained legal counsel and is once again resisting any testing for dioxin in the soils of Midland.


Dioxin is one of the most toxic, persistent chemicals in the environment. Dioxin is known to suppress the immune system, modulate and disrupt hormones and is listed as a known human carcinogen. As residents of Midland you have a right to know how extensive the dioxin contamination is and where it is so you can make informed decisions for you and your family. This is a big deal but not an insurmountable problem. The first step is to learn how much dioxin is present in the community. We all want to raise children in healthy safe environments. Dioxin is not safe and children have particular vulnerabilities to dioxin-like compounds. Awareness is always the first order of business in raising children who will live long and healthy lives.


As informed Sierra Club members, it is important that you weigh in to protect your family and the resources of the Saginaw Bay Watershed.  The City of Midland will hold a meeting on May 26th at 7pm at the Midland Center for the Arts to discuss the dioxin issues for the City of Midland. Please plan to attend and tell the City of Midland to stop interfering with the legal execution of Dow’s license and demand that soil testing for dioxin take place without delay.  You can contact the city of Midland at (989) 837-3400, or go to www.midland-mi.org .


If you are not able to attend the public meeting, please write, call or e-mail the MDEQ and insist on


1. testing of soils for dioxin in Midland

2. prompt enforcement of the Dow License

3. protection of the public health


The MDEQ Contact is:  

Ms. Cheryl Howe

MDEQ, Waste and Hazardous Materials Division

P.O. Box 30241

Lansing, MI  48909-7741

(517) 373-9881







Rita Jack                                                                              

Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter                                     

(517) 484-2372                                                                   




Rita Jack

Water Sentinels Project Director

Mackinac Chapter Sierra Club

tel:  517-484-2372




"Speak out - even if your voice shakes."