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E-M:/ Legislators jump in on dioxin issue (Midland)



Legislators jump in on dioxin issue


Kathie Marchlewski , Midland Daily News



    Native Midland legislators are listening. After a Wednesday community meeting on dioxin, Republicans state Sen. Tony Stamas and state Rep. John Moolenaar introduced legislation that would lift Michigan's action level for dioxin to the federal rate of 1,000 parts per trillion until there is evidence that a reduction is necessary.


    The move comes as the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality plans for soil testing in Midland and mitigation of areas that have levels above 90 parts per trillion of dioxin in soil. Nearly 9,000 households and 21,000 people could be affected.
    The DEQ would also label contaminated properties "facilities," a designation that would require property owners to disclose information to potential buyers and could limit use and lower property values.

    Previous tests show that properties in neighborhoods northeast of The Dow Chemical Co. plant site are likely to exceed the state limit and become subject to action.

    Senate Bill 1276 and House Bill 5963 were introduced Thursday. The legislation would not set the level at 1,000 ppt in the event that health and safety concerns were evident, but would allow the higher level until science showed a problem, Moolenaar said.

    The University of Michigan plans to launch a dioxin exposure study in July. The study is expected to be completed in 18 to 24 months.

    "As a father raising six children here, I believe it is important to protect the public health of our families using good sound science and sound judgment," Moolenaar said.


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