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Enviro-Mich message from Marie Weigold <jmweigold@yahoo.com>

Is this true?
Does anyone know the name of the studies cited below?

Two new scientific studies have found an alarming rise
in meat products
that are contaminated with these antibiotic-resistant
bacteria. In one
study, the Center for Disease Control examined 407
chicken samples taken
from supermarkets in four states. More than half were
contaminated with
E. faecium bacteria that had developed immunity to the
three drugs
usually used to kill it. In the other study, the Food
& Drug
Administration examined 200 samples of ground beef,
chicken, pork, and
turkey from supermarkets in the Washington D.C.–area.
A fifth of the
samples contained salmonella bacteria, and 83 percent
of these bacteria
were resistant to at least one of the antibiotics
commonly used to kill
this bug.

Not only is this rapid and deadly mutation scary, but
it's also stupid,
for it should not be happening at all. The problem
stems from the fact
that giant agribusiness operators are dosing chickens,
cattle, and other
animals with tons of antibiotics annually, not to cure
disease, but–get
this–to force the animals to gain weight quickly.
While some three
million pounds of antibiotics go to treat humans each
year, nearly 25
million pounds are fed to animals simply to speed up
the fattening
process...and to fatten the profits of the giant meat

In their rush to profit, these corporations are
creating the superbugs
in our meat supply...and literally making a killing on

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