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E-M:/ EU takes on animal factories

snips from Free Press AP article -- Germany also plans to phase out mass farming of caged chickens by the end of 2006.

Austria gets tough animal rights law

May 28, 2004


VIENNA, Austria -- Hens will be free to run around barnyards. Lions and tigers will vanish from circus acts. Dobermans will sport what nature intended -- floppy ears and longer tails.

Austria included those provisions and more Thursday when it adopted a tough animal rights law.

The anticruelty law, one of Europe's strongest, will ban pet owners from cropping their dogs' ears or tails, force farmers to uncage their chickens, and ensure that puppies and kittens no longer swelter in pet shop windows...

It's the latest example of how the animal rights issue is gaining attention across Europe......
Aimed primarily at poultry and other livestock operations.... Chicken farmers will be allowed several years to phase in the new rules. Those who recently invested in new cages will have until 2020 to turn their birds loose to run free inside fences.